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Family. Darien’s fondest childhood memories include Sundays with family. These times formed his character as a family man. He recalls after-church events and dinners while watching his favorite football game with Mom, Dad, and little brother. These beginnings are not much different from the rest, but for Darien, his strength of character formed from his love for family. Now, he lives with and for his lovely wife Megan and their treasures - Darien Hall Jr., Terron, and Spencer.

Football. Playing football until college, Darien always thought about a career in the sport. His competitive spirit was willed from the game and has been guiding him in his present touchdowns in the real estate industry. His football dreams may have been dampened by injury, but his determination fuels him to keep moving to the top.

Real Estate. Darien was managing a cell phone company for years. However, he wanted more than sales. He wanted to become successful while making an impact on the community. With this, he started his career as a real estate agent where he brings his earnest brand of care. Driven by the saying “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”, Darien treats his clients as family without losing sight of their priorities.

Started simple, shaped by life-changing hurdles, and becoming even stronger - now that’s Diamond.



I am a tough customer. I require those who take my money and resources for services rendered to bring their ‘A’ game or give my money back and go home. Darien’s team met every expectation, under promised and over delivered - period.

- Kevin K.

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